Our Story

Ahɔma is a conscious, daring accessories brand offering dynamic and vibrant pieces with Afrocentric hues.


The word 'ahɔma', which means thread, draws on the Akan (Ghanaian) heritage of its founder in creating a brand that tells a story of fortitude, connectivity and sheer splendour of life .


At Ahɔma, our aim is to harness the skills of local artisans across the continent with carefully curated designs which embraces the individuality of ones style with their demeanour. With every piece a story is told.


Embellishing ones style with lashings of bold Afrocentric pieces and froufrou chic designs sits at the core of Ahɔma's craft, bringing you pickings of one-of-a-kind pieces of what we call 'neck candy'.


We’re a creative collective that offers stand-out pieces that truly make heads turn.



©2018 Ahɔma

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